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     Gold Searchers of Southern Nevada is a Las Vegas club comprised of members from all walks of life. From "greenhorns to seasoned prospectors". Some members have backgrounds in fields such as geology, mineralogy and mine engineering. But, most of all, our members share a common love of freedom to explore the great outdoors.

     A number of our club members are "Snowbirds" from many states. Whether on extended vacations or for the winter. They come to the great southwest to enjoy the weather and seek that beautiful yellow metal known as Gold. Our club has several gold bearing claims where they pursue their goals. Most of are members own at least one metal detector. Others in our club put their trust into proven gold extraction equipment such as dry washers and recirculating sluices. The club conducts regular monthly outings where you can see and use a variety of prospecting equipment first hand at a location known to produce gold.

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     There's a wealth of knowledge to be gained and friendships to be made. Finding gold is not our sole priority. Club members participate in public service activities such as fencing and securing abandoned mine shafts, teach scouts and public school students about the mining industry, minerals and gold panning. We also voice our opinions on matters such as land use and mining laws.

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     Monthly meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at 6:30 at the American Legion Post, 425 E. Van Wagenen in Henderson, Nevada. Visitors may attend two general meetings and/or go to one club outing. Or simply join our club by filling out a membership application, and  Hold Harmless Agreement. The first year dues are $45.00. Dues thereafter are $30.00 per year. This is a "family membership" which includes all immediate family members.

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    To contact the club simply come to a meeting or you can write us at:


 P.O. Box 96732

 Las Vegas, Nevada, 89193-6732.




     Once you join you will receive the monthly newsletter the "HIGHGRADER". The HIGHGRADER contains news from the general and board meetings, upcoming outings and field trip information, articles related to prospecting, land use issues and proposed regulations. You may even submit your own articles or place an ad in the Free Classified section for publication.

    Note:  New members will receive a Club Claims Guide with directions to current claims, current membership card and other useful information. The distribution of the claims guide is handled by the membership committee. If you are a new member as of the last few months and did not receive your card or claim guide. Please contact the membership chairman.

    To receive an introduction copy of the club newsletter the "Highgrader".  Send a self addressed and stamped business size envelope to the club address shown above. We will make every effort to reply promptly.




     To submit an application for membership thru the mail.  Click on the link below. Then use the print button on your browser to print out the application form. Fill out the form, enclose a check and drop it in the mail. Please send in the entire page, not just the fill-in portion. Also, please do not write in the lower section designated as "office use only",  portion.

    After printing, use the back button on your browser to return to this page and from here you can visit the rest of the web site.





We now have 2 versions of the membership application in PDF format.

    If you want to fill out the application while you are at the computer. You can enter your information in the highlighted boxes. The check boxes for "volunteering" are active also. Click your courser over them and hit the spacebar to enter an X. Print it out and then you are ready to go.

    Click HERE for the interactive version.

    If you need just a blank form to use later or to give to someone, use THIS form.

Note:  The blank lines at the bottom of the form are for "Office Use" and we will take care of filling them out. Thanks.



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